I am going to be authentic here and say that the Blueprint values rank last for me – Blueprint shows up in the fourth position of my BANKCODE.**  This is an area that has proven to challenge me in my life, both personally and professionally. AND I have been leaning in to embrace these values – both for myself to excel in more areas in my life as well as to show those whom I love most who hold these values high, the respect they deserve. Trust me, it is worth the effort as we show up not for ourselves, but for those around us. So let’s explore life through the lens of Blueprint…

Blueprint Values

The 12 values associated with Blueprint are: stability, structure, systems, planning, processes, predictability, responsibility, duty, rules, credentials, titles and tradition.

Take a calm and calculated moment and take these in. A person who scores high in Blueprint values, let’s call them Blueprint for the sake of ease, will usually appear calmer and more conservative. They can approach situations with some hesitancy as they are assessing potential risk – what can go wrong? Because they prefer stability, they are not comfortable with sudden opportunities that arise, nor do they appreciate surprises or spontaneous changes to plans. Rules were meant to be followed and they value adherence to long-standing traditions. These are the people in your life who always show up and are there, time and time again.

Communicating Tips

When you are communicating with a Blueprint, it is important to remain calm and not exaggerate nor gloss over the details. Have you heard the phrase “The devil is in the details?” This was MADE for the Blueprint. According to Wikipedia, this idiom refers to “a catch or mysterious element hidden in the details,  meaning that something might seem simple at a first look but will take more time and effort to complete than expected  and derives from the earlier phrase “God is in the details” expressing the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly; i.e., details are important.”

Communicating with a Blueprint takes time as those details need to be addressed from talking through the planning and steps required for any action. Time can also be important for a Blueprint so respecting time – being early to appointments and ending at previously specified times matters.

Respecting the Code

When a Blueprint’s values are respected, they feel seen and heard – in other words, they feel understood and can connect to you. My husband is high in Blueprint. While Blueprint is in the third position of his BANKCODE, the third position is known as the “stress code” meaning that can come out to the forefront during times of stress.

I remember many Saturday mornings when he would need to sit in our kitchen nook with a cup of coffee and plan out our entire day, step-by-step, all the way to what we were going to have for dinner. Now, I started off saying Blueprint is my LAST code so it makes sense when I say this need to sit down and plan out every detail of our day drove me CRAZY. I would get irritated and feeling my irritation, he would shut down. It was certainly not a great way to start our day.

Now that we both have a deeper understanding of each of the codes and how they show up for each of us, my husband and I have much less frustration and irritation in our relationship. I now know he isn’t trying to “push my buttons” – this is just how he shows in the world. So I dig into my patience and give him the time and attention he needs to planning out our day.  In return, he understands that this isn’t the way I show up, so he works through some of the planning himself and doesn’t feel hurt when I need to get up and going for the day.

Take a moment here and consider – what about the Blueprint code resonates for you? Where do you find resistance? How can you better support the Blueprints in your own life?

(**Credits given to Cheri Tree, founder of the BANKCODE methodology. More information can be found at https://crackmycode.com/contribute)