Sales & Business Success

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Sales & Business Success

Why They Buy

1 60-minute workshop

Learn the science behind buying behavior (or yes behavior) and the cutting-edge technology that is helping business and sales professionals increase their sales up to 300% or more.

This step-by-step system to find more qualified prospects and close sales fasteris the secret to making sales fun and dramatically more profitable. Discover how to be authentic and help more people by respecting who they are and what they value most.

B.A.N.K. Fundamentals

4 3-hour sessions

This life-changing course will teach you how to be more influential in all conversations as you learn how to speak your listener’s language and share only the most relevant information that they care to hear. No more over communicating to enlist your listener. Whether you are selling to a customer, working with a colleague, or asking your partner or child to do an unwanted chore, you will walk away knowing how to be more persuasive. Apply this easy-to-learn personality code system so that you know how to gain your listener’s confidence by speaking to their values. You’ll close more deals in less time – whether it is a business deal or getting your partner to agree with you! This class is easy and fun and will change your life! You cannot unlearn this stuff!

Codebreaker Summit

4 3-hour sessions

This experiential and intermediate training workshop focuses exclusively on sales and business. Participants take 6 hours of B.A.N.K. Fundamentals then move into applying it through observation and conversation.

Analyze how buying decisions are made by each of the B.A.N.K Codes

Examine and compare non-verbal and verbal recognition clues of the 4 B.A.N.K. Personality Types

Formulate your own set of strategic questions using The Speed Coding Formula to crack the code of your designated partner(s) so that you can practice speed coding with confidence

Practice cracking the code of a prospect within 3 minutes without the use of the B.A.N.K Value Cards, using the strategic questions developed.

Learn how to code someone before you meet them using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence system.

Use AI to decipher and code profiles on social media and any written material so you can communicate optimally with them from the start.

Power Scripting

6 2-hour sessions

This experiential course takes you beyond the core values and occupations to define and explore the likes, dislikes, and clues for the four B.A.N.K. Personality Types. You will apply our B.A.N.K. Power Scripting Formulas, step-by-step, to write custom sales scripts for your own products and services. Build rapport with your group as you write, present, and exchange feedback in preparation for delivery. In this course, there are opportunities to deliver your partial and final scripts to the full room and get expert feedback on your content and delivery!

Communications Mastery

4 3-hour sessions

This mastery-level course looks at leadership through three different lenses: leadership of self, leadership in business and leadership through leaving a legacy. Deepen your understanding of enhanced communication in leadership and leave this course with master-level skills and a plan to put into practice in your life.