Relationships & Communication

Engage, Connect, Grow

Relationships & Communication

Demystifying Relationships

1 60-minute workshop

Demystifying Relationships will deepen your connections and increase satisfaction in your most important relationships.

Gain quick insight and tools to move from feeling irritated and frustrated in your relationships into feeling more compassion and empathy. Even if you feel like your relationships are in a good place, you will be able to connect at a deeper level after attending this.

Decoding Relationships

4 2-hour sessions

How would your relationships change if you knew how to speak in a way so the person sitting across from you felt seen and heard every time? What would happen if you learned how to communicate more effectively with every person you encountered? What if you could see what irritates and triggers those you are in a relationship with BEFORE actually doing it? How would your life change if you felt more joy and harmony in you most important relationships?

In Decoding Relationships, you will gain insight and tools to up-level every relationship you have that matters. And after you are through, you will understand more about why looking through the lens of B.A.N.K. in your relationships can help improve the common causes of challenges in relationships: trust issues, having different expectations, different priorities, moving through life a different speeds, compatibility issues, communication issues, growing apart, boredom, staleness, feeling in a rut, and money issues.

B.A.N.K. for Relationships

2 3-hour sessions

This course teaches you a system for understanding the important people in your life and gives you the ultimate gift of communication tools that you can use in the dating process, your marriage, parenting, friendships, and all other significant relationships.

See why opposites attract and attack, and how to turn that around.

Learn basic communication tips for each personality type for dating and relationships, parenting, and all your personal and professional friendships.

Demonstrate how to leverage the B.A.N.K. methodology to get the best out of every relationship.

Identify at least 3 communication and connection tips for each of the 4 personality types.

Individually, summarize how your communication skills can improve and how you can get more love, peace, and harmony instead of arguments, fights, or sadness from your spouse, children, friends, family members, neighbors, community members and any other important relationships in your life.