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Leadership – From Surviving To Thriving (On Route To Following Your Dreams)

February 25 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC-7


Excited for another event of engaging, meaningful and deep conversations and connections???

We are!

Passion Nights is a forum for us to gather, connect and move our Passions/missions forward by gaining insights into the things that may be blocking us and how to build the right mindset, resiliencies and sets of actions to get us to our most Passionate goals!

This months theme is all around radical leadership, moving from surviving to thriving. We will have an amazing line up of leaders that know what it’s like to move from adversity to flourishing.

Come join us for a night of insight, education, revelation and lots of connection!

Meet the host of this Passion Nights event that will be guiding the narrative of the night:

1. Hal Eisenberg, Co-Host of Passion Nights New York, CEO of Windows of Opportunity, Inc.

Meet the speaker that will be sharing their stories and offering guidance and expertise on the conversation:

1. Sandy Gonzalez, Transformational Coach and Business Mentor.
2. Julie Wieler, Business & Social Media
3. Hannah Rae, Soul Integration Mentor
4. Amanda Schneider, Relationships & Communication
5. Carla Bauer, Wealth & Influence

The 3 Topics for the night will be:

1. Learning to take radical responsibility of your life in order to develop dynamic leadership skills.
2. How to create or revitalize high vibrational relationships between yourself and others.
3. The secrets to achieving a better understanding of how your identity will drive your results.

With integrated engagement sessions you will leave with insights that will seed ideas that you can powerfully turn into future action!

We are thrilled to share this night with you all.

Meet Our Speaker:

Sandy: From being homeless at 17, to being a single mom at 20, Sandy has had to overcome many obstacles and learn many lessons. Now it is her passion to help others create lasting transformation in their lives.

Julie: Julie went from being a stay-at-home mom to the breadwinner in our family and it was one of the greatest blessings she could have ever asked for. She now helps others step into careers that light them up. Now, more than ever, the everyday person can build an empire and live the life they dream of.

Hannah: For Hannah, spirituality is not about a set of rules or religion. It’s about reconnecting with a part of yourself that has more unconditional love than you could ever imagine. It’s about understanding and knowing that you are part of a power that is greater than yourself. It is her mission to empower everyone to discover their light within.

Amanda: Amanda is an award-winning, international speaker and trainer who guides people in learning how to communicate more effectively in their relationships so they can experience greater love and belonging in their lives.

Carla: Carla takes the taboo conversation of money – that carries a lot of emotion – and creates safe spaces for others face their beliefs around money together by dropping the shame, blame and fear.


Passion Nights is loosely structured to look like this:

Night kick off with 15 minutes of introducing the hosts of Passion Nights TO and Dallas – we will share our journey, the topic and set the parameters for the night.

We will introduce our speakers for the night and their topics.

Each speaker will do a deeper dive into the fundamentals of our topic and focus on major factors that will help develop and enhance the conversation.

What do we promise you? An amazingly informative and creative night filled with meaningful conversation and inclusion for all participants.