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I foster communities of like-minded people who are committed to growing in their connection, compassion and authenticity within their family, community and beyond.

Breadth of Experience

I combine multiple certifications, a Masters degree in the Art of Teaching and real-life experience to provide my clients with relevant and meaningful content they can apply immediately in their lives.

Holistic Approach

I utilize various methodologies and resources to address every aspect of my client’s experience; from self-awareness to leadership in family, community and beyond.

Authentic & Realistic

I use real world examples, including many from my own life, in my courses. Authenticity is one of my highest values and you will always get the “real” me showing up in full transparency.

I am committed to integrity, compassion and equity. My vision is to raise up connected, compassionate and authentic leaders who stand in their power to affect positive change and contribute to their families and communities around them.


Refocus: Deepening Your Relationships Through a Fresh New Lens

1 90-minute Workshop

Discover how to increase satisfaction while deepening connection in your most treasured relationships.

Gain quick insight and tools to move from feeling irritated and frustrated in your relationships into feeling deeper connection and more compassion. Even if you feel like your relationships are in a good place, you will be able to connect at a deeper level after participating in this workshop.

Reclaim: Learn to Honor the Values of Those That Matter Most

4 2-hour sessions

How would your relationships change if you knew how to speak in a way so the person sitting across from you felt seen and heard every time? In Reclaim, you will gain insight and tools to up-level every relationship you have that matters. And after you are through, you will understand more about why looking through the lens of B.A.N.K. in your relationships can help improve the common causes of challenges in relationships.

Redesign: Coming Soon!

12 week Intensive Experience


  • Interactive group sessions
  • Small support circle work
  • Individualized coaching
  • Guest expert sessions

Small Circle Communities

Small, intimate groups designed specifically for the woman who is looking for a safe, non-judgmental circle of like-minded women to hold space for her as she works through challenges she encounters in her family and life in general. More details coming soon!


For the individual or family looking for a more specialized experience tailored to their specific family needs.

Keynote Speaker

Looking for a speaker for an upcoming meeting or gathering?
45 min talks are available in the area of relationships and communication. 


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Over the past four weeks I have had the pleasure of attending Master Mind Zoom sessions with Amanda. Her style, personality, and her intuition for leading productive discussion is remarkably effective. She has a wealth of experience and training and relates to each of her students on so many levels. Each week, I felt like every session was tailored exclusively for me! I know you’ll be blessed with similar personal growth and experiences when you work with Amanda. I came in a stranger and gained a business confidant and sister!

Arlen Denney

Managing Director, United Financial Freedom

Amanda speaks from the heart. She is open and willing to be vulnerable and share authentically both her successes as well as her struggles and challenges. She is also knowledgeable and loves to help others learn and succeed.

Dalia Harami

Certified & Licensed Trainer and Consultant , Real Estate Investor

I got to work with Amanda at a Calgary Conference with more then 1200 people last fall. We tag teamed a Bank Code presentation and we had so much fun. We made great partners, she was so professional and fun to work with. A dynamic speaker with a great personality adding so much value to the audience. Yes, you should hire Amanda at your next training.

Nicole Scott

CEO at Nicole Scott, Own Your Sparkle

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